Schryver Medical Employee Access

Corporate Culture Statement

Do the Right Thing at the Right Time, Every Time.

We at Schryver Medical believe in the importance of a corporate culture that fosters ethical behavior and dynamic team work.  The phrase above briefly summarizes our corporate philosophy.

We believe that the following elements are critical to a healthy and positive corporate culture and employees at all levels should strive to meet these expectations on a daily basis:

  • We are committed to maintaining the dignity of the patients with whom we come in contact.  We will strive to understand their challenges, maintain their privacy, make them feel respected and provide the best service possible.   
  • We will communicate and act with integrity, taking care to not betray the trust of our customers, suppliers or employees.
  • We will not take unfair advantage of people, organizations or opportunities.  We believe in conducting fair deals in every situation, every day.
  • We will listen carefully to customers, noting their concerns, preferences and feedback. We will repeat what we believe we have heard from them in order to confirm clear understanding of their message.
  • We believe that compliance with regulations governing our business is paramount to our long-term survival.  We will be diligent in maintaining our knowledge and understanding of applicable laws and regulations and ensuring we are in full compliance.
  • We value our employees and their suggestions.  Each individual has a unique perspective from their place within the organization, and each may contribute valuable insight.  We encourage suggestions for improvements in our processes, services or communications and will incorporate those we believe will practically and cost-effectively contribute to our customer’s increased satisfaction.
  • We recognize the value of our employees. We are committed to an environment that provides equal opportunities and encourages diversity.  We expect employees at all levels to interact with one another respectfully.