Lab Outreach Services

The Challenge

Local hospitals providing post-acute laboratory services

Generally, a long-term care facility outside of a major metropolitan area receives laboratory services provided by the local hospital. A hospital’s ability to meet the needs of the post-acute care patient, as well as the financial needs of the facility may vary greatly from market to market.

If you have the necessary hardware and internet access to place orders, then our outreach program may be right for you. 

Do you have these common issues?

  • Are you billed more than the current Medicare rate for laboratory services?
  • Are you billed for patients that are NOT on a skilled stay?
  • Do you receive your invoice in a timely manner?
  • Do you have trouble receiving your lab results?

The Schryver Medical Solution

Schryver Medical’s programs address the needs of the doctors, the nurses, and the patients, as well as the financial needs of the facility. 

Utilizing custom software, next-day air services, and our state-of-the-art laboratories, we are able to report routine laboratory results in a timely, accurate, and cost effective manner. Specimens collected today are resulted out by midday tomorrow. This model addresses 95% of the facility’s laboratory needs.

In situations where the test results are required sooner, the facility will still have to take the samples to the local hospital to be run as STAT.

The Ordering Process

  1. The nurse creates an order in our laboratory information system online. The nurse chooses the patient from a retained database, selects the needed tests with symptoms, and prints out the requisition. 
  2. On the requisition is a list of the required tubes that the nurse will need to draw. After collecting the sample, the nurse simply labels the tube, places the requisition and sample in the provided packaging, and applies the FedEx label. 
  3. FedEx picks up the package and delivers it to our laboratory. Testing is completed and the results are faxed to the facility and posted to the Schryver Medical online laboratory system. Critical results are called to the nursing staff to further ensure that the patient’s needs can be addressed as quickly as possible.