The Schryver Medical Laboratory Process

Timely Collection, Accurate Testing, and On-time Reporting of results


Schryver Medical operates laboratories that are strategically located to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our customers in a timely yet cost-effective manner. We provide phlebotomy and laboratory services to tens of thousands of patients a month, and all of our laboratories are Joint Commission Accredited and CLIA 88 Certified. Our highly trained laboratory technicians use some of the most sophisticated instrumentation available and complete thousands of tests daily. Schryver Medical truly sets a new standard of service.

According to the American Clinical Laboratory Association:

Clinical laboratory tests guide more than 70% of medical decisions made by health care providers

Timely Collection


  1. The ordering practitioner enters an order for laboratory testing in the patient's chart. The order is then transferred to Schryver Medical via HL7 interface, order entry into our online laboratory system, or by a phone call to our customer relations call center
  2. A Schryver Medical phlebotomist is dispatched and collects specimen pursuant to certified policies and procedures 
  3. Schryver Medical's phlebotomists are provided with well-maintained company vehicles to reduce late or missed appointments
  4. Portable in-car centrifuge provides enhanced specimen viability during travel 


  • All Phlebotomists receive extensive training and mentoring, and have national certification or a state license.
  • Phlebotomists must also pass a background check, drug screen, physical, and have a valid drivers license with a good driving record


  • Services available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week enable optimal care
  • STAT turnaround in under 5 hours expedites critical treatment options
  • GPS routing software maximizes route efficiency and timely collection 
  • Variable patient-centered service models provide minimal interruption
  • Stringent patient identification procedures ensure patient safety

Accurate Testing


  1. Upon specimen check-in, Schryver Medical's laboratory staff apply bar codes that will track the progress of a sample's processing and testing throughout the lab.
  2. Schryver Medical performs all sample analysis with state-of-the-art technology and the latest procedures customized for the long-term care population (for a full description of testing services offered, please see our Lab Services Reference Manual)
  3. All critical results are re-tested to validate accuracy, and a delta check is run on all results comparing them to previous results. A significant deviation triggers a re-test to validate accuracy.
  4. A Schryver Medical laboratory technologist provides a "human review" to ensure the test results fall within reasonable medical expectations
  5. Results are immediately placed into our online laboratory system for customer retrieval (results may also be faxed upon request)


  • Our laboratory technicians are highly-trained, certified, and experienced
    • 54% of lab employees have been with Schryver for 5 or more years
    • 79% of lab technologists have been with Schryver for 5 or more years
  • Schryver Medical Laboratory employees include:
    • Phlebotomists
    • Accessioners/Lab Data Entry Specialists
    • Laboratory Assistants
    • Laboratory Technologists
      • Medical Technologists (MT)
      • Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT)
      • Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)


  • Over 98% of all testing is done in Schryver Medical's in-house laboratories
    • to increase the speed of results delivery
    • to avoid the risk of processing errors
    • reduce possible errors from multiple processing steps
  • All Schryver Medical laboratories utilize the same instrumentation to ensure result values are consistent from laboratory to laboratory
  • Highly-accurate and actionable test results that doctors and patients can rely on

On-Time Reporting


  1. Schryver Medical delivers results numerous ways based on customer preference (secure email, HL7 interface, direct and indirect EMR interfaces, fax, and web access)
  2. ICD-10 code checking online 
  3. Average STAT collection and reporting completed in under 5 hours
  4. Receipt of all Critical and STAT results are verified with a phone call to the ordering practitioner, as well as posted electronically
  5. All laboratory-related information (results, requests, interactions, etc.) is captured in Schryver's encrypted and HIPAA-compliant health information database
  6. Schryver Medical also provides thorough reporting to the health department as appropriate


  • Innovative customer tools to keep each facility safe & healthy:
    • Monthly Culture Report - Schryver Medical provides customers with monthly reports that identify the type and frequency of positive cultures in your facility
    • Antibiogram - Schryver Medical  also reports on your facility's identified organisms and the historical effectiveness of treatment options according to cases recorded at the specific facility
  • Reduced wait times enhance customer efficiency and patient safety
  • Multiple results delivery methods ensures timely treatment interventions