Customer Relations & Technology Systems

Schryver Medical has designed customer relations and technology systems that support the critical work we perform for our customers and patients. These systems are fundamental to delivering the highest quality laboratory and imaging services. To help ensure the best possible response to our customers, we have heavily invested in our own internal systems as opposed to subcontracting these vital functions. We understand that lives depend on our actions.

Customer Relations and Call Center

Schryver Medical’s Manager of Customer Relations refers to the call center and his sixty-person team as “the heartbeat of the company”. Just like the medical professionals they serve, our call center representatives must act with a sense of urgency and decisiveness, be deeply committed to accuracy, and know that patients’ lives depend how well their job is performed.

To respond to over 50,000 calls per month, our call center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Schryver Medical's highly trained specialists use the next generation call center technology to ensure that customer needs are met in the most efficient and timely manner.  Our customer relations team takes all incoming calls, dispatches our phlebotomy and imaging field team, calls customers with critical results, answers all service questions, and does whatever else it takes to fully meet our customers' needs.


  • Motivated customer relations team are individually trained, supported, and coached
  • Representatives fully trained and versed in medical technology and systems
  • Fully enabled dispute resolution process quickly resolve service questions
  • Leading edge technology to reduce error rates and call wait times
  • Market-specific customized services
  • Online ordering and resulting for both laboratory and imaging services


Led by Schryver Medical’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Al Armijo, our highly skilled team of IT professionals work to integrate very complex laboratory, radiology, security, compliance, internet, and billing systems. Reliable and timely data is key to accurate collection and dissemination of critical diagnostic results. Our in-house highly robust system provides the “engine” that powers all of Schryver Medical’s technical systems. This integrated and well-resourced IT system dramatically improves our access to data as well as our customers’ access to critical patient data, enabling timely and accurate decision making.


  • Customized "server farms" in climate-controlled server rooms
  • Talented and diverse in-house IT team
  • Customized bi-directional interfaces to your EMR/EHR
  • Timely, accurate electronic billing requirements
  • Our data analysis capability allows us to create custom reports that help facilities evaluate physician and nurse ordering habits, test selection, cost per test, cost per resident and more


Patients’ images and reports can now be accessed from any smart phone or remote internet connection. Unlike x-ray films, digital images can be enhanced, enlarged, transmitted and duplicated without loss of resolution.

Advantages to our web-based system:

  • DICOM compatible
  • Free app for easy smartphone access
  • Online ordering, results, and reporting